Saturday, 21 May 2016

Evolution of Pole Buildings Illinois

Pole buildings are essentially modified versions of construction techniques that were previously used in the standard labor-intensive timber framing system.  This construction method makes use of large posts or poles buried in the ground or in another type of foundation.  This offers structural support for vertical beams and girt that provide wall panels with lateral support.

During the decade of the 1930s, this building technique was developed and as agricultural practices changed, the technique was modified.   The adjustments included a requirement for larger, more inexpensive storage areas.  There was also a demand for engine-powered pieces of farm equipment.

Unlike competing construction techniques, when the girts, rafters and poles are in position, lots of the structural work on pole buildings Illinois configurations can be taken care of by a single individual.  Working solo, this person can finish in a month's time or during a season.

Pole barns have been transformed into pole buildings through modern developments.  These constructions are used for purposes like housing, storage, church and picnic shelter.  The poles of earlier times have largely become pressure-treated, squared-off posts of wood. Check out this website to learn more.