Tuesday, 17 May 2016

What do you know about a Civil engineer?

Civil engineering is one of the oldest professions and it is probably as old as the society itself. Though a layman may be surprised to know this, the fact is that everything that you see around you, right from road and bridge construction to the laying down of drainage lines, all come under the expertise of a civil engineer. Railways, airports, and sub way systems are also the gifts from them only. Dams are an important part of lives. They help us produce electricity, deal with water crisis and manage floods. Who created them? You know the answer. Civilisations began to grow and develop faster when advancements were made in this field.

Engineering is pursued in many other disciplines as well, like mechanical, electrical, and information technology, but the civil field is the most comprehensive one.  It is further broken into sub-disciplines like architectural, environmental, structural, transportation, wastewater and so on. In the US, the first degree in this field was awarded in 1835, though a college was already teaching the discipline since 1819.